Monday, June 18, 2007

Michigan: Dodge teams race quotes

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 alltel Dodge Charger)

“We had a real good car, but we didn’t have a car that could have beat Carl Edwards today. We just caught a piece of debris or something and it popped that tire. It wrapped itself around the caliper and rotor and stuff and it cost us three laps. Jeff Green ran out of talent there off turn two and caused a big crash. The race track is capable of going three and four wide. We saw it all day, but he couldn’t do it. We’re just like everybody else. We’ll work hard on our road course program and hopefully Sonoma goes better for us.”

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 42 Texaco/Havoline Dodge Charger)

“My right front tire went flat and I just hit the hell out of the wall. The car was very loose. I’d got in the wall a couple of laps before. I didn’t think it was anything major. My spotter said it looked good. It was wrinkled, but it looks good, and five or six laps later the tire went flat and it went straight into the wall.”


REED SORENSON (No. 41 Target Dodge Charger)

“We had a real fast car in practice, and I thought we were going to qualify better than we did. I really didn’t know what to expect in the race, but we hung in there and got a decent finish. I guess we had the best finishing Dodge, but the Dodge Boys didn’t have a real good day today. We’ll get ‘em next week in Sonoma.”


KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

“We had a good car that ran in the top five most of the day. We had to come in on lap 166 to change a loose lugnut, and the car got really loose after that.”


KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger)

“We were able to get the car to turn in the corners with the 2006 nose, but we couldn’t get the back of the car hooked up. We made progress as the race went on, but we couldn’t overcome the early deficit. I thought we made progress with the car yesterday and was optimistic we could have a good finish. It didn’t work out that way.”


SCOTT RIGGS (No. 10 Valvoline/Stanley Tools Dodge Charger)

“We were way too free on entry for most of the race. By the time we got the handling improved we had already been caught two laps down after a green flag stop. The guys on pit road did an incredible job today, and everyone has been working really hard and doing the right things. But finishing this far back is not going to be enough to get us into the top 35.”

[Dodge Motorsports]

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Racefan57 said...

So ... How will Ryan do at Sonoma?.. I hope he can at least get a top ten to bring his points back up.