Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ryan Newman Leaving Penske - Going To Gibbs?

Where did this rumor get started?
Now I hear (or read) that he may be going to Gibbs.
Once again I saw that the Winston-Salem Jounal posted that he was "up in the air".  Here is the blurb that they posed -
 'Ryan Newman's future continues to be a question mark in the NASCAR garage, and it's not clear if he will be back with car owner Roger Penske next season. If not, Newman could become a candidate for the fourth Richard Childress team." HERE
My question is - "Where did this come from"?  And this article says RCR???
I have seen this article refferenced many times, but I can not find where this information has come from.  I have heard Newman say that he is NOT planning on going anywhere.  I heard him on his podcasts say this and I am pretty sure I heard him say it in an interview as well.  Yes, I know these people will say whatever they have to at the time in order to make a deal work, BUT, I still can not find anything as to where this "rumor" even go started.
Oh yeah, I am also looking for information on how exactly these Sponsor/Owner/Driver contracts work.  Anybody??

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