Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Atlanta TV ratings down over last year

I don't know, but is ABC/ESPN the culprit for this. I have said many times that I am just sick of ESPN's coverage. It amazes me how different (better) it is to watch a truck race on SPEEDTV then to watch a Nextel Cup race on ABC/ESPN. ABC/ESPN always misses the race restarts, has probably double the commercials than the other networks that carry the Cup races and they just annoy me. I think at least twice during the race at Atlanta a caution came out while they were at yet another commercial break. We resumed watching while the cars were already in pit row. Then taking forever to even tell us why there was a caution. ABC/ESPN really needs to change how they operate or get out of NASCAR!!

The overnight TV rating for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Pep Boys Auto 500 on ABC Sunday was a 3.5, down 17% from last year's overnight of 4.2/8 Share on NBC.

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