Monday, October 22, 2007

Ryan Newman Finishes 2nd at Martinsville

I did not get to see much of the race. I caught the start and then about the last 55 laps.

The end of the race was of course a green, white checkered run. Jimmie Johnson finished first with Ryan Newman on his back bumper. The green, white checkered was cut short due to another spin. I don't know if Newman could have caught Johnson or not, but he was not giving up.

A couple of laps earlier (and a couple cautions earlier) Jeff Gordon was holding Newman up a little and Newman actually "muscled" his way past Gordon. I wish we could see more determined and "bullish" driving from Newman.

This is from Sun -
MARTINSVILLE, Va. – The tussle between Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon started on track but ended on pit road.

And there it will remain, both say.

Newman got up alongside of Gordon on Lap 493 of Sunday’s Subway 500 at Martinsville Speedway and two fender-banging moves later passed him for second place on Lap 494.

Newman was mounting a challenge for the lead when a caution on the final lap left him with a second-place finish. Gordon ended up third.

Since both finished in the top five, they had to stop their respective cars on pit road for post-race media obligations. After exiting his No. 24 Chevrolet, Gordon made his way over to Newman, who was awaiting a TV interview in front of his car.

“You know why I’m mad,” Gordon said as he approached. He asked Newman if he believed he gave Gordon enough room on the track.

“I know you’re mad, but I want you to know I didn’t do it to you on purpose,” Newman replied. “I gave you the little love tap. You made me drive up (in the gravel) on purpose.”
Said Gordon, “If I made you mad, you’d do the same thing.”

Newman answered, “I know. I know. We’re good. I appreciate you coming over.”

Anyway, congradulations to Ryan Newman and his #12 Penske Racing Alltel Dodge team on their 3rd second place finish of the year.

I am sure Newman wanted victory really bad especially after his dissapointing finish last week at Lowes when it looked like he had the win with a couple of laps to go and blew a tire, ending up in the wall.


RevJim said...

Fatherhood seems to have mellowed The Gordon out some. Remember when he shoved Kenseth it pit row?
The Rocket is out to win, which is cool, it throws a real variable into the points race. He will see victory lane before the season's over.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Oh but for David Ragan I think we would have seem more newman muscle on the 48