Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Past Weekend Race Coverage

I feel a need to apologize to the readers of this blog that are interested in Ryan Newman coverage.  I have not been on here for a little while due to a SEVERE sinus infection.  This little booger had me knocked out.  I was in a lot of pain in both my sinus and my teeth.  Unbelievable pain really.  I have had sinus infections before, but nothing like this. 
I missed all the postings for Ryan's Practice and Qualifying times (although the times are available on the site - just no postings).  I missed the race.  I did see some of it here and there, but overall I missed it.
But I am feeling 85% better now.  Which means I feel great.
Next weekend's coverage may be spotty at best also.  My daughter is due come out of Mama on Sunday - Homestead-Miami weekend.  So, hopefully she is ready to come join us before Sunday.  Jeni, my fiance, is ready now.  And to be honest I am ready to.
Faith Ann is (will be) her name and we are VERY excited. 
Anyway, I will get some stories posted about this weekends race and Ryan Newmans performance. About all that I do know is that that Jimmie Johnson won (again) and that Ryan Newman finished 5th.  Not bad, 4 of his last 6 races have been top 5 finishes.  Maybe a preview for next season?  In fact after looking at the numbers, if Newman did not have Engine problems or an accident during these last ten races (The Chase), then he has finished 9th, 5th, 2nd, 5th and 5th.  Not to shabby. We are 9 races into the Chase with 1 more race left on the schedule for the year.  So that means Ryan had 4 engine or accident problems.  Actually it is 2 a piece.  Of the 2 accidents the one that sticks out in my mind was Lowes.  He had the lead with a couple laps to go and blew a tire.  GRRRRR.
Anyway, I will be catching up on things this week.

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