Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I am going to start a new section for NASCAR basics, rules and regulations. So why not start with the flags of NASCAR.


The track is clear and cars may proceed at speed. This flag is used to signal the beginning of the race and any restarts.

Yellow (caution)

The track is not clear, slow down and hold your position behind the pace car. This flag is used to signal an accident, debris caused by contract or mechanical failure, or weather-related issues. NASCAR rules allow cars to bunch up behind the leader. In most cases, lead-lap cars restart in the outside lane, while any lapped cars restart to the inside. In addition, a yellow flag during a practice session means cars should go to pits immediately.


The track is unsafe and there is a situation that requires immediate attention. Cars must go to a designated location and stop. This flag is usually waved in cases of heavy precipitation, an accident which requires immediate medical assistance or if the track is blocked. In addition, NASCAR reserves the right to throw a red flag in the closing laps of a race to make sure the event ends under green conditions.


There is one lap remaining in the scheduled distance.


The event has reached its scheduled distance and is complete.


Come into the pits immediately for consultation. Normally, this flag is waved at an individual car, either because it has a mechanical problem or has broken a rule. Waved in combination with a red flag signals the end of a practice session.

Black with White Cross

Cars that refuse to acknowledge the black flag are shown this flag, which means NASCAR will no longer score them until they come into the pits for consultation.

Blue with Yellow Stripe

Pay attention to your mirrors, because a faster car is approaching from behind. Contrary to popular opinion, this flag does not make it mandatory that slower cars must move over for the leader of the race. This flag gets a workout at tracks like Bristol and Martinsville, where traffic becomes a major factor.

Yellow with Red Vertical Stripes

Used only on road courses by corner workers, held or waved to signify debris or slippery conditions ahead.

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