Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Newman Podcast Available After All-Star Challenge

Newman addresses the "Rumor Mill" about him leaving Penske. Once again he states that he is not looking for a new ride and is happy at Penske.

They discuss what Newman thinks about expanding Penske to 3 teams. Newman says he thinks that it could be beneficial or it could hurt. He says Penske is good as it is right now.

He states that he had a lot faster car at the All-Star Challenge than his 8th place finish shows.

States that he and Montoya are both hard drivers and there is NO rivalry between them. (HHMMM)

---Of course, in my opinion Montoya is trying to have a rivalry with everyone!

They talk about how good Newman is with the fans.

Check it out....All 2007 podcasts are available through this site....look left.


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