Thursday, May 31, 2007

Toyota and Penske?

According to sources, Toyota has approached Gibbs, Penske and others about going with them in 2008.

Penske, who has been with just about every manufacturer in racing over the years and who is one of the world’s biggest Toyota dealers, could be making the move to Toyota for next year. According to sources close to the situation, Penske could be looking at a merger with Michael Waltrip’s struggling Toyota operation.

Penske might not be that much of a stretch to go with Toyota. Dodge contracts are suppose to be good until 2009, but with Daimler-Chrysler being bought out by private equity groups, Dodge may be getting out of the game. My guess is that they would be more than happy to rip up the contract.

And of course there was/is speculation that Newman was looking for a new ride, which I think is just bogus. But if he was even considering it, could this help him make up his mind?

I can't really say how I feel about that right now. At first I did not want Toyota coming in. Now I find myself looking for Waltrips qualifying performance (and rooting for him) right after I find Newman's. And on top of that, I admit, I do root for the Toyota's to have at least a decent finish during the races ---- behind Newman of course.

There is speculation that Gibbs is not interested in the deal, but it is being reported that they have not turned the idea down either.

What impact would that have on Dale Earnhardt JR's decision making process. He has said that he wants to stay with Chevy. If he went with Gibbs, then he would more than likely have to drop Budwieser as a sponsor. Would he drop Chevy as well. HMMM.

Toyota remains one of the big stories bubbling in the NASCAR garage, and it may be ready to make some big, bold moves for 2008, according to Detroit sources.

Toyota, sources said, has approached the Gibbs team with a proposal to leave Chevrolet, which would give it Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin and J.J. Yeley. Gibbs’ management doesn’t appear to be that interested, but the offer hasn’t been rejected, according to team sources.

And there is speculation that Robert and Doug Yates may be willing to listen to Toyota offers, even though they have long-standing ties with Ford.

information from the Winston-Salem Journal


Racefan57 said...

Toyo dominance... not a far cry!!

Mike said...

It makes sense for Penske, but what reason does Gibbs have to join a struggling manufacturer?