Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Could AT&T sponsor Busch Series?

At first I thought this might be a good idea.  Well....for starters this is the only article I can find about this.  So I don't know where this coming from or who is speculating this.  But yeah, get AT&T on board for the Busch series.  Why not??  Advertise like crazy and it will probably drive Sprint/Nextel absolutely nuts!!!
Wait, was this NASCAR's agenda the whole time?  Just to get the Busch Series a sponsor?
And would it be worth it for AT&T to go from sponsoring the #31 Nextel Cup car driver by Jeff Burton, to sponsoring the whole Busch Series. 
Maybe Alltel will follow up with the truck series.........NASCAR......Battle of the Wireless companies!!!
But.....would it be better for AT&T (or any company) to sponsor the whole Busch Series or 1 car in the Cup Series?????
Following article is from the winston salem journal (who also seems to start all the rumors about Newman jumping off the Penske ship)

■ NASCAR's search for a sponsor for its Busch series seems to have hit some snags, and it's unclear if that has anything to do with the NASCAR battle with AT&T over its Nextel Cup sponsorship and NASCAR's claims of exclusivity, which AT&T is challenging. NASCAR has a $30 million price tag on its Busch tour. One possibility - that NASCAR might persuade AT&T to take that Busch series sponsorship. AT&T's annual media ad budget is $3.4 billion).

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Charlie said...

That is an interesting proposition. I have to beleive that NASCAR would want no part of the potential fireworks.