Thursday, September 6, 2007

Winner of My California Kodak Tickets Give Away Tells About His Race Day

Sal Sigala was on of the winners of California Tickets Give Away. Below is the email (unedited) that he sent me about his VERY hot day at California Speedway.

If any of the other winners from my site want to email me about their day, I will gladly post it here!!!

Sal Sigala -

"Well our day started by arriving at the track by 8:00 A.M. It was already about 90 degrees and I could tell that we were in for a hot one. We bar b qued, and drank lots of water. There were 4 of us that went. Me and my 3 nephews. We are christians so we dont drink. I remember those days. I dont know how I would have survived. Anyways about 4:00 me and my 1 nephew went in because one of the other ones got heat exhaustion. It was there first race and probably my 20 or 25th race. I used to go to Riverside when it was opened as well as have been to Kansas,Phoenix,Las Vegas,Infineon, and the old Mesa Marin. Then I ususally go to the Long beach Grand Prix as well as the Drag Racing in Pomona. I also used to go to the IRL and Cart races at California. And still go to see short track racing at Irwindale Raceway which is about 10 minutes from my house. It was good race up until about 70 laps left then it turned into a typical California race. But man was it hot. Alot hotter then last year. I went to qualifying on Friday and it was hot and humid. All in all it was a very enjoyable race day, especially being able to spend it with my nephews who have never been there. All the seats that were around us were empty, so I dont think that the other contest winners made it. If they didnt, to bad because I see a Nascar fan as one who would brave the heat or cold to see there favorite drivers, in person and up close. Once again thanks for the tickets, I really appreciated them. If you have any for the race in February I would gladly like a couple to be able to go again. Or if you have any for the NHRA coming up in November. Guaranteed that any race ticket you send my way will get used and not just treated as something free. I dont have that it was free anyways attitude, so if I dont use it no big thing. It is a big thing, Because maybe someone else would have wanted to go and maybe didnt because they didnt have a ticket. My thinking is, if you have no intention on going then say so, this way someone who wants to go can. Anyways thanks again so much for the tickets. "

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