Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I Still Be A Dale Earnhardt JR Fan With JR at Hendrick?

Absolutely I can!!! Why not? Because I really don't like Gordon and Johnson? That sounds silly. I am obviously a Ryan Nemwan Fan and I really don't like Kurt Busch. So why can't I be a Dale Earnhardt JR fan and still "strongly dislike" Gordon and Johnson? The answer is that I can.

JR fans should not be discouraged by this what so ever. And despite what a lot of people seem to think, Dale JR and Gordon are friends. Gordon and Johnson definetly have something going right over at Hendricks, so why can't Dale JR feed off of that and make himself better. I honestly don't think it will be long before JR is the star in that camp (you know what I mean).

So, in my humble opinion, all this talk about JR fans being upset is.....crazy. If your a Dale JR fan you should be excited. Good things should happen for him over at Hendrick. If your a fan, that should be what you want to see - a good thing happening for your driver.

How great will that be to see Dale Earnhardt JR pass his team mates Gordon and Johnson for the the Daytona 500 even. GOD, doesn't that sound sweet!!!

And let's not forget one important thing during all these talks about Dale Earnhardt JR............ROOT FOR NEWMAN AT MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY THIS WEEKEND....IF SOMEONE NEEDS A WIN RIGHT NOW IT IS RYAN NEWMAN AND HIS #12 ALLTEL DODGE.


Racefan57 said...

I went to Berlin as a kid to watch races. Go Ryan!!!!

Vroom! said...

Hopefully Junior will have A+ equipment under him in 2008.

Racefan57 said...

Ryan did an awesome job qualifying again... no pole but 3rd spot!!! Now for the win!!