Saturday, June 16, 2007

Newest Ryan Newman Fan / NASCAR Fan On The Way - It's a Girl

I don't post much personal stuff on here, but I am very excited.

My girlfriend and I found out a couple of months ago that she was pregnant. We are both very excited and plan on getting married next summer - so I guess she is my fiance.

We found out on Thursday that we are having a girl. We are both very excited!!! We were both leaning towards wanting a boy for a couple of minor reasons, but the ultrasound tech said it was a girl and I could tell Jeni wanted to cry (out of joy). I must admit I was a little choked up too for the same reason. Me and my little princess!!!

Her name will be, or is I quess Faith Ann!!

My girlfriend and her son T.J. live with me. T.J. is one reason we were "leaning" towards wanting a boy. He is currently 14 months old and my brother and I were almost exactly 2 years apart from each other (me being the oldest) and grew up being best friends. The other minor reason for me wanting a boy is that my family name ends with me (that might actually be a good thing..hahahah). But we plan on going for more, so maybe next time...or the time after...or the time......wait....we will have to quit sometime!!!!

But a little girl. WOW. I told my Jeni that she is definetly going to have to be the stong hand with Faith. I just can't imagine my little girl looking up at me and me having to punish her!! Now T.J. (I consider him mine, and he really only knows me.....I am dad) I can punish. Another boy.....I can punish.......but my little princess?? WOW!

Anyway's, thanks for reading.......I (we) am SO EXITED I can barely contain myself.

So, even at 14 months, T.J. will get "engrossed" with the cars on T.V. on Sundays. So I am hoping that Faith will be the same way.

Jeni has already informed me that Faith IS NOT coming home from the hospital in a NASCAR outfit. Oh well, I win some of the fights...maybe :)

Mike, Jeni, T.J. and Faith.


Racefan57 said...

congrats Mike and Happy Father's Day!!

charlie said...

I'm happy for you all. Little girls are a beautiful thing but don't be surprised if she picks her own driver, just to get under dad's skin a bit. Happy fathers day.