Monday, August 13, 2007

Fan arrested after going on the track for Kenseth’s autograph

Personally, I thought this was great.  Funny listening to Matt talk about it over the radio?  My first reaction was that Matt should have signed the shirt.  I mean the guy did go to great efforts to get out there.
Then I thought maybe NASCAR has instructions for drivers NOT do sign stuff in that kind of circumstance because it would only encourage others to do the same.
Anyway, here is the story -
The sports marketing folks will tell you NASCAR has become a Big Four sport in the country because easy access to drivers makes them seem like ordinary people. Very easy access, one fan proved on Sunday afternoon when he simply walked onto the track for an autograph.

During a late-race, red-flag period, a man ran up to Matt Kenseth's #17 Ford, reached through the passenger window and asked the driver to sign his hat. "He just said, 'Will you sign this?'" Kenseth was heard saying to his crew over the driver radio. "I'm like, 'I'm a little busy right now.'" The man, half inside the car window, asked again but Kenseth refused. The man finally gave up and ran — in a far from straight line — back toward the fans' area. He was soon arrested.


The man apparently gained access to the track by climbing over the large wire fence, ran across the grass, then stepped over the blue barrier at trackside.

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