Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is AT&T going to snub NASCAR, keep their logos on the #31 car?

******ESPN last night said that there were basically only 2 options for AT&T and RCR.  Option 1 is going to the Supreme Court.  Personally, I really don't think the Supreme Court would here the case.  Option 2 would be for Richard Childress to sue NASCAR on the grounds of loosing a sponsor, income, ect.  GO FOR IT RICHARD.  I just can not believe what a big deal this is.  AT&T is right.  They should be able to have the AT&T logo. 
Sprint Nextel is doing the same thing.  Sprint Nextel is in the same boat.  They merged.  AT&T and Cingular merged.  Same thing.  The difference is, is that Sprint Nextel can call now call it the Sprint Cup.....which I don't like.  I hear that name and I tend to think of....well Sprint Cars.  Anyway....just my thoughts.
I hope they do run the logo this weekend.  I hope RCR sues NASCAR. 
Just my opinion.
Story -
While drivers and pit crews check their cars' engines and tires before Sunday's NASCAR event in Michigan, Jeff Burton and his team may be waiting for another new paint job to dry on their No. 31 car.


Or maybe not.


Even though a federal appeals court Monday ruled against AT&T's claim that it can put its logo on Burton's car, a company spokesman said Tuesday that AT&T expects its paint scheme to remain on Burton's car this weekend.


As for the next steps in court, AT&T spokesman Mark A. Siegel said, "We are currently looking at all our legal options."


Monday's ruling vacated a federal judge's May decision that stopped NASCAR from interfering with AT&T putting its logo and brand on Burton's car.


One of NASCAR's winning lawyers, Richard L. Robbins of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, said he hopes AT&T won't pursue further legal action. "Obviously, one issue is what happens with the race this weekend," said Robbins, "and our hope is that AT&T decides to honor the 11th Circuit opinion."


Admittedly caught in the middle is the car's owner, Richard Childress Racing, or RCR.


"I don't want to say what will happen Sunday," demurred Winston-Salem, N.C., lawyer W. Andrew Copenhaver of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, which represents RCR.

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