Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Qualifying changes as soon as New Hampshire?

***Don't know if there is truth to this or not, but this is what autoracing.com and captianthunder racing.com are reporting.  I don't know. I guess it helps.  I still don't think it should be a top 35.  I understand that the most revenue is from people coming to see the top drivers race, but.....I don't know.  And I don't know the correct answer.  I agree a change is needed.  Maybe top 25? I don't know.  I hate seeing people have a good qualifying run, but not be allowed to race *****
NASCAR will make changes to the Nextel Cup qualifying format sooner rather than later. A source within NASCAR confirmed to Captain Thunder that they would indeed change the way teams qualify for Nextel Cup races, and the changes will take place this season instead of next.

Currently, all race entries are placed in to a'lottery type' format to decide qualifying order and all entries must qualify against one another. But, not for long. Beginning with the first Chase race at New Hampshire, teams inside the top 35 in owner points will qualify separately from teams outside of the Top 35. Teams inside the Top 35 will qualify first with teams outside of the Top 35 qualifying later in the day.


In the event of a rain out after Top 35 qualifying is over, the remaining eight spots will be decided by owner points and past champion's provisional's. If qualifying is completely rained out, NASCAR will still revert back to owner points.

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