Friday, April 27, 2007

Is Tony Right?

I am not a Stewart fan at all but I think that this is an interesting subject and worth a little discussion.

Well for starters it looks like Tony will be receiving some sort of penalty on this situation later today. Obviously NASCAR officials at fuming over this, but do they really have the right to "control" what Tony (or anyone) says outside of NASCAR. Tony was not at a NASCAR event when he said this. He was on his radio show. Does NASCAR have a hand in Tony's show, I don't know but I also don't think so. So, basically Tony or anyone else out there, is not allowed to have free speech. I understand that he "bashed" NASCAR and that makes NASCAR officials look bad and sound bad. But how many NON-NASCAR fans followed this story? I bet there are a few....which only equals out to more press and visibility for NASCAR. Bottom line, Tony and every other driver/crew member should be able to say what they want about a race, NASCAR or anything without getting penalized.

Now, do I think Tony was right? HHmmmm! Well, I know he is frustrated with not winning yet this year. There are plenty of other drivers that have not won yet either. I do think he has a point about about to many debris cautions BUT I do not think NASCAR is "playing God". Granted it would be easy to fall into that frame of thought. With ticket sales and ratings down, NASCAR would love for every race to be a close one so that later on the evening news people that don't watch might catch a glimpse of finish and want to watch the following week. BUT, once again, I do not think NASCAR is doing this. Are they possibly being a little to cautious? I think so. How many times have they said "caution, debris in turn 2" and the camera pans over to turn 2 and you don't see anything? Seems like that happens a lot.

I think Tony is "kinda" right. Right about to many debris cautions, wrong about NASCAR "playing God". I am all for the safety of the drivers. If there is a brake pad or something on the track, throw the caution! But it just seems to me that there are to many debris cautions. I get frustrated when there is a good race going on and debris cautions are coming out left and right. I want to see green, not yellow!

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