Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ryan Newman Had A Great Race - Subway Fresh Fit 500

Ryan Newman and his Penske Racing #12 Alltel Dodge NASCAR Nextel Cup Team had an awesome night tonight AND they finished 38th.

Newman and started 19th and quickly worked his way up to 13th. It did not take long for him to crack the top ten. Newman and his teammate Kurt Busch ran together most of the night in the top ten.

With about 30 laps to go it was time for green flag pit stops. Ryan Newman pits. When he is pitting the caution flag comes out and sends Newman 1 lap down.

What I do not understand and will be researching tomorrow, is with that pit stop Newman ended up in 38th, 11 lap down. There was some miscommunication in the pit stall. Newman left the pit early, or the crew goofed but he reversed and went back to the pit. The next thing I noticed he was 38th and 11 laps down. I don't understand and WILL find out.

Newman and his team seemed to be right on the money with the COT (Car Of Tomorrow) setup. I was happy for Newman tonight and still am even with the 38th finish. This finish was NOT his or his teams fault, but more like......just how the cars fall.

GOOD LUCK NEXT week at Talladega. One of my favorites.


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