Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some of Ryan Newman’s More In Depth Stats

I am listing some of Ryan Newman’s more in-depth stats form I am going to start keeping better track of these stats and updating all of it regularly or at least when there is big changes.

BOX SCORE – (Some of this information is already posted in my table at the top of the page!) Newman hs and Average start of 20.0 and an average finish of 25.5 (how appropriate that he is in 26th position). is reporting that Newman has an average running position of 19.7 Newman has led 2 laps this year and completed 2596 laps leaving him with a rating of 71.2.

AVERAGE RUNNING POSITION – They have Newman listed with 8 starts this season and an average running position of 19.667.

DRIVER RATING - Newmans current driving rating is ranked 18th at 71.2 with a high this season of 89.9. Gordon is in 1st with a rating of 115.2 and last (ranked at least) is Dale Jarret in 39th with a rating of 38.

CLOSERS – This section is for the highest Average Spots Gained and the highest Positions Moved Up. With Newman’s season so far, he is not on this list. All of us Ryan Newman #12 Alltel Dodge Fans are really hoping that he starts making this list and then gets to the top of it!

MILE LEADERS – Newman does make this list with 4 miles. He is 22nd on the list.

LAPS LED SINCE LAST WIN – Newman comes in 18th on this list. He has had 53 races without a win. Out of those 53 races Ryan has led 245 laps. His last win was 09/18/2005.

LAPS RUN ON LEAD LAP – Out of a possible 2694 laps, Newman and his #12 Alltel Dodge have been on the lead lap for 1763 laps (ouch). This equals out to 65.44% of the laps giving him a ranking of 19th. Burton holds the top spot at 99.74% and 10th goes to Bowyer at 85.60%.

QUALITY PASSES – Newman is tied with Mark Martin in 16th place for quality passed. He and Martin have both made 276 quality passes compared to Jeff Burton who leads this category at 489 quality passes.

CONSECUTIVE LAPS WITH A PASS – Ryan is tied twice with 21 others in 16th position. In both the Auto Club 500 (02/25/2007) and the UAW-DaimlerCh-rysler 400 (03/11/2007) Newman had 8 consecutive laps with passes. 1st in the category is Kevin Harvick with 15.

CONSECUTIVE PASSES – Newman did not make this list, but his team mate Kurt Busch is 1st on the list with 39 consecutive passes and last place at 23rd goes to Jonny Sauter (and others who are tied) with 26 consecutive passes.

PASSES IN FRONTSTRETCH - Newman comes in 29th here (again tied with Martin) with 131 frontstretch passes.

PASSES IN THE BACKSTRETCH – Compared to everyone else, Newman must like passing in the backstretch. He only has 88 here, but is 13th on the list.

FASTEST EARLY IN RUN – Newman is listed 26th here (how appropriate – he is 26th in points) with an average rank of 20.6 (tied with Sauter) and a high ranking of 14th.

TIME TRAINLING AT FINSH – Newman is so far back, that he is not on this list (not good). Gordon heads it up trailing 24.184 and Dale Jarrett is at the bottom of the list in 28th behind 813.801 seconds.

There are a couple of things that really stick out to me. “Laps run on lead lap” is one of them. This really hurts. Newman has only been on the lead lap for 65% of the laps. That really hurts, but also explains his 26th position in points.

The other on that sticks out to me is “Laps Led Since Last Win”. 245 laps led in 53 races does not sound real impressive to me. What is even more disappointing is the “53 races since a win”.

Mike Pratt

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