Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How The Nextel Cup All-Star Challenge Will Work For 2007

The Nextel Cup All-Star Challenge will work a little different this year than it has in the previous years. In order to to qualify for the race you must have won an Nexel Cup event in 2006 0r 2007.

2 additional drivers will be let into the event by qualifying. The 2 fastest out of the 2 20 lap segments of the Nextel Open.

And onedriver will be allowed to compete after being voted in by the fans.

The qualifying order will be determined by the Pit Crew Challenge results on Wednsday Nights competion. So the better (faster) the pit crew is, the higher the starting positions will be for the drivers.

The main race is going to consist of 4 20 lap segments where each team must make 2 pit stops and has the option of making 1 more optional pit stop.

Teams will be given the option of pitting after the first 2 20 lap segments in the main event. They will loose their position on the track.

After the first 2 segments, there will be a mandatory 10 minute stop.

After the third segment all cars will circle the track under caution then make a pit stop under "race like" conditions.

The order that the cars exit pit row will determine the order in which they start segment 4. Once again, the pit crew is very important.

There will NOT be any inverting of the field this year. VERY GOOD in my opinion.

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