Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ryan Nemwan up to 13th after Dale JR Docked 100 Points

Ryan Newman's luck is changing a little with Dale Earnhardt JR being docked 100 points.

Dale Earnhardt JR. was docked 100 points for having the rear wing illegally mounted at Darlington. Tony Eury JR. was also suspended for 6 races and fined $100,000 effective immediatly.

The team will of course appeal. They are not disagreeing about the ruling, but they are disagreeing with the severity of the penality.

This is the first penalty handed down involving the COT and NASCAR may be sending a strong message to all teams not to mess with the specifications of the COT.

Well, if the points penalty with stands appeal, then Nemwan will move up to 13th in the points and only 51 points away form Jaime McMurrays 12th position.

This is very unfortunate for JR and I hate to see it happen especially since I am a JR fan. On the other hand this could be the break the Newman needs this year after having a string of "bad luck" earlier in the year.

JR. being the class act that he is has said that he will pay what ever fines Eury JR has coming.

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Racefan57 said...

a bit stiff you ask me.. but it has put ryan within 1 spot of the top 12