Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ryan Newman Starts All-Star Challenge 8th - Finishes 8th

What a great race. I really enjoyed it - over all.

Ryan Newman and his Penske Racing #12 Alltel Dodge finished 8th in the All-Star Challenge Saturday Night winning $90,385......not quite $1,000,000 (actually 1,021,539.18).

Kevin Harvick was tonights winner.

The first 20 lap segment of the race had some good racing and Newman worked his way up to sixth by the end of the segment. The first segment was caution free. At the end of the first segment Newman along wiith eveyone except Kyle Busch and Mark Martin decided to pit. Newman along with a couple of others only took 2 tires. He restarted in 5th or 6th.

Newman was not as good in the second segment and half way through the 20 lap segment Newman had fallen to 11th. At the end of the segment he was back up to 10th. At half time many teams had there hoods up and making changes. Tire rub seemed to be an issue.

After half time, there was a caution on the second lap of the third 20 lap segment when Labonte backed into the wall. Newman fell to 11th. By lap 6 of the third segment, Ryan Nemwan was 6th. At the end of the third segment Newman is the first Dodge and in 7th position.

In between segments the drivers are required to come in for a pit stop. They did not have to make adjustments, but at least had to make a stop and go. Most teams just did a stop and go. Newmans team needed to make an adjustment which pretty much put him at the end. Three cars were caught speeding so had to go to the end including leader matt Kensith. This put Newman in 17th. Newmans team needed to make more adjustments, so he came back in under caution and got a full service (tires and all).

Just 2 laps into segment 4 Kyle Busch trys making a bold move on big brother kurt. it does not work out and Kyle spins around. Kyle's back end just barely hits Kurt and they both go into the wall. Both are out of the race. Newman is now up to 14th.

Now, just three laps into the 4th segment (cautions do not count as laps in segment 4) Mears runs over Hamlin and both go into the wall. Newman restarts in 9th. The front three (Harvick, Johnson and Martin) start running away. I think the rest of the field realizes they are not getting up front and just maintain as the field is pretty spread out.

Ryan Newman and his #12 Alltel Dodge finsih 8th.

I think Newman and team will do great here next week for the Coca-Cola 600. Don't miss it!!


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Racefan57 said...

I truly loved seeing Kyle take out Kurt..I like Kurt but Kyle is not on my list and his stupid driving needs to be put into check by Big Ricky and someone needs to give Shrubs a towel to dry up behind his dumbo ears!!