Sunday, May 13, 2007

Newman finishied 11th after he and Stewart Battle Hard In Busch Series at Darlington

Well I have only read one story on this and I did not get to see all of the Busch race, in fact it was just bits and pieces here and there. But from one story I read, Ryan Newman and his #12 Kodak Dodge really battled with Tony Stewart. They were banging each other in the corners and the straights.

Newman actually spun on the apron and Stewart had to come in for fender damage. This sent them both back quite a ways. Stewart did manage to finish 7th and Newman finished 11th.

Of course Stewart was quoted as basically saying he did not understand why Newman was doing that to him....poor innocent Tony. (Like I said, I did not see it...but....)

And Newman made the comment that tony was Turning right into him on a left turn only track.

I know who I believe. Actually, without having seen it, I bet it was just HARD racing and neither of them was going to give an inch.


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