Thursday, June 7, 2007

First Night Of Fast Cars And Superstars Review

Well......I watched it. Even though it is set up as a reality show, I really don't consider it one. More like a competition show. There really isn't any drama or story and it was just three stars competeing for the fastest 3 lap time.

Kurt Busch led Laird Hamilton, John Elway and Serena Williams around the track as they competed for the fasted times (individualy). And that was the order of their times as well. So Williams is off the show.

If I was not a NASCAR fan, I probably would have been even more bored during the show. I say I was bored, but I found myself rooting for Elway and it was cool seeing the intensity of Hamilton and the fear - then confidence - of Williams.

Basically I thought it was a boring show, but I also know I will probably keep watching but not clearing my calendar for it. The exception will be on June 14th I will TRY a little harder to be there to see how Ryan Newman does on the show.


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