Friday, June 8, 2007

NASCAR Finally Penalizes Kurt Busch

I have not posted anything about this subject because I was waiting and waiting for the NASCAR penalty. NASCAR has fined Kurt Busch $100,000, 100 championship points and placed him on probation until Dec. 31st of this year for his "on pit row road rage" at Dover last weekend with Tony Stewart (and crew) after he was spun after having contact with Stewart.

Is this enough? Who am I to say. But I thought his actions on pit road were completely uncalled for and absolutely ridiculous. I honestly think he should have sat out for at least one race. You keep the action on the track and not on pit row, especially when the over the wall guys are - over the wall.

Rodger Penske was also docked 100 championship owner points. Was this right? I don't know.

"I regret the incident that occurred at Dover and apologize to NASCAR, my sponsors, the fans, my Penske Racing team and Joe Gibbs Racing," Busch said in a statement. "I understand that safety is crucial to the sport and I accept the points penalty, fine and probation that NASCAR hasimposed on me."

The penalty drops Busch from 11th in the championship standings to a tie with Greg Biffle for 18th at 720 points behind leader Jeff Gordon.

GOOD NEWS for Ryan Newman.
---Newman is now is 15th position in points
---Newman is now only 38 points outside of 12 position
---Newman is now the highest ranked Dodged driver
---Newman is now the top dog at Penske (probably more than just points standing)
---Newman is now 50 points ahead of his team mate Kurt Bush.

This is Newman's second advancement in points due to other drivers penalties. He also gained a position when Dale Earnhardt JR was penalized points for having an unauthorized rear wing holder on his COT car. JR has since advanced back up to 14th place one spot ahead of Newman.

Other than Penske being docked points, Newman should thank Kurt Busch.

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