Tuesday, September 11, 2007

South Bend Motor Speedway's Future?

The checkered flag may have waved for the last time at the South Bend Motor Speedway.

This past weekend the speedway hosted their last show.

The owner Mike Bird says the race track is closed and for sale.

It opened more than 60 years ago and has featured the likes of famous Nascar drivers like Darryl Waltrip, David Stremme, and Ryan Newman.

The owner says he would like to sell the property to a developer who will rehabilitate the track but can't guarantee that will happen.

Drivers who grew up going to the track are worried about its future.

“I think it is sad. I think a lot of people look forward to going there,” says long time driver Aaron Bridwell.

A demolition derby was scheduled for October but has been canceled after a low turnout at this weekend's show.

The owner hopes to know something concrete on the track's future within the next two weeks.

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