Sunday, September 9, 2007

Was The Race To The 2007 Chase Exciting?

It seems like over the last couple of day/weeks I have read a lot of articles and postings about how NASCAR messed up going with 12 in the Chase instead of 10. Because this year it would have been more exciting with only 10. I realize that everyone is not going to be happy and there are the people out there that will complain.....even if they are happy.

But I thought it was exciting leading up to this point. Every week I was cheering on Ryan Newman (maybe I jinx him?) and Dale Earnhardt JR. I really wanted to see both of them in the Chase.

Newman was out of it as of last week when he finished 39th at California with a blown engine. Dale Earnhardt JR was still in it in last nights race and gave the fans a hell of a my opinion.

I thought last nights race was not only a good race, but also exciting for the Chase to the Nextel Cup. The 2 drivers 12th or better that were on the bubble in 11th and 12th started having problems. Kurt Busch got hit from behind and had pretty good damage. Harvick started seriously over heating spewing water after going through the grass to avoid a wreck, the same one that messed up Busch a little.

And on top of all of that, Dale Earnhardt JR was doing really good and had a strong car. He did not have a car to win with I don't think, but definetly a top 5.

I never really root for anyone to do bad in a race. I of course do root for my favorite drivers to do well. But last night I was rooting for anything to happen to get JR in the Chase. He is my second favorite driver, and since my #1 already missed it, I had to cheer JR on.

JR blew an engine with about 13 laps to go and all of that got sqashed. Actually with 20 laps to go, JR was officially out of the chase as Kevin Harvick could not be beat at that point.

But, it was a little extra excitement for the race and for the chase to the race.

I don't think NASCAR should go anymore than 12. If they want to take it back down to 10 I would be happy with that.

Right now we have
- 44% of the drivers that competed in every race are now in the Chase.
- 30% of the field of 43 drivers are now in the Chase
- 18% of the all the drivers that have been in at least 1 race are now in the chase.

That sounds good to me. I hope they don't increase it any more.

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