Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank You Fellow Ryan Newman Fans and Visitors

I just wanted to say thanks to the all the people that visit this blog.

I know I just repost a lot of news articles here, but I do also post some original stuff. The main purpose of me starting this blog was just to get information about Ryan Newman out one place. I got tired of going here and there looking for information and news about Ryan Newman. So I decided to start my own blog so that I could put all that information in one location.

Well, I still have to go to all of those other places to get the news, then back to here to repost it. So I have actually created more work for myself. Oh well, I am having fun doing it, learning alot and learning alot of programming "stuff".

Anyway, recently I have recieved some very nice emails complimenting me on this blog and how nice it is to find all this information about Ryan Newman in one place. Well, thank you, it was/is my hope to bring as much info here as I can.

I am hoping during the off-season, during the freezing cold of winter, to work on "sprucing" the site up. I think it is a little "clunky" and need to be dressed it up.

But thanks again for the nice emails. I appreciate it and like reading them to my fiance.....who by the way could go absolutely nuts with me working on this all the time. And if it isn't this site, then it is some new related project that I am working on. Anyway she is great.

And I am very lucky...she is a NASCAR fan and since meeting me has become a Ryan Newman fan...or at least like to help me keep up on him.

Thank again,

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Mike said...

Keep up the good work on the blog.

I can attest to having a great and understanding wife too. This blogging thing takes a lot more time than it appears.