Monday, April 30, 2007

Going On Vacation

I will be heading out on vacation this week and into next week. I am going to Virginia to visit my Dad, stepmom, sister and sisters kids. My brother is also going to be coming into town so I get to see him as well.

Yes I will be in Virginia and yes I will be 2 short hours from Richmond. But I won't be able to make the race unfortunatly. That really bums me out but I am excited about taking some vacation and seeing my family. I will however be watching the race but we will see how well that goes over with me being the ONLY NASACR fan in my family. At least I will have my girlfriend watching with me, she is a NASCAR fan. In fact when we met I told her that I was a NASCAR fanatic and she thought that was cool and told me she was a fan also. She laughed the other day and told me she did not realize how much of a fanatic I was until recently

My coverage this week and into next week will be hit and miss due to the vacation and depending on how ofter my girlfriend lets me fire up the lap top :) . I do have some "stuff" done already and am using Email Scheduler in order to make sure some of those things go out automatically.

Anyway, I will hopefully bring you the same amount of Ryan Newman news as usual.

Good luck to Ryan Newman and his #12 Alltel Dodge NASCAR Nextel Cup Team at Richmond International Speedway this weekend.

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