Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ryan Newmans Aaron's 499 Lap by Lap

2:08 p.m. -- Jeff Foxworthy delivers the command: "Gentlemen, start your engines."

2:13 p.m. -- Cars are rolling on the track.

2:22 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Jeff Gordon brings the field to speed as the Aaron's 499 is under way. Newman Starts 28th.

Lap 1 -- Jeff Gordon leads the first lap, the eighth time he has led a race this season.

Lap 7 – Newman up to 16th

Lap 10 – Newman and teammate Kurt Busch working together. Newman behind Busch in 14th place. Has been up to 12th

Lap 14 – Newman leading outside line. Busch has ducked into middle lane. Newman had broke top 10 currently in 12th.

Lap 17 – Newman gets booted to 21st.

Lap 32 – Newman just hanging out around 15th taking it easy. Green flag pits coming soon.

Lap 40 -- Newman pushing the hell out of Harvick and climbs to 6th – Also some are doing green pit pits.

Lap 43 – Newman pits – RIGHT SIDE ONLY and Fuel – Time 12.20.

Lap 48 -- in line behind teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. Newman in 7th.

Lap 74 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1 -- Debris in Turn 1. Tony Stewart is the benefit of the free pass and will be back on the lead lap. Newman in 13th take 4 and fuel. Newman restarts 13th TIME –16.20

Lap 78 -- GREN FLAG: Jeff Gordon brings the field back up to speed.1. Jeff Gordon2. Elliott Sadler3. Sterling Marlin4. Kurt Busch5. Jamie McMurray

Lap 81 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2 -- Clint Bowyer spins and hits the wall.NEWMAN 15th .Pretty much everyone just takes fuel. Newman pit time – 5.0

Since starting, Newman has been running in the top 20 all day to this point. He has been as high as 3rd and was running consistantly between 15th and 10th and has been having little problems. His drafting seems to be doing good when he can.

Lap 85 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch brings the field up to speed.1. Kurt Busch2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.3. Casey Mears4. Martin Truex Jr.5. Reed Sorenson

Lap 86 – Dale Earnhardt JR takes that lead!! Crowd goes wild

Lap 96 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson continue to go back-and-forth with the lead as Kahne leads this lap. Newman up to 10th and 11th.

Lap 98 – Newman up to 5th

Lap 102 – Nemwan shuffled back to 10th. Comentators actually mention Newman and how he as been running up front most of the race.

Lap 106 – there have been 34 lead changes so far with 15 different leaders. Will Newman become one of them….I think so!!

Lap 108 – Kurt busch is right behind Newman with Dale JR right behind him. Newman in 7th

Lap 116 – Newman “bobbles” a little and drops a couple positions. Now in 11th. Teammate Kurt Busch radios in and says to tell Newman to run the middle.

Lap 118 – Newman back up to 5th

Lap 122 – Newman in 4th I know there is a lot of racing left but I am PUMPED UP. Newman needs a finish like this
Lap 123 – Green flag pits have started. Puts Newman in 2nd

Lap 126 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3 -- Casey Mears spins and hits the wall hard after being tapped by teammate Jimmie Johnson when Mears was trying to get on pit road.


Now Newman Pits – TIME – 10.60 – Must have been fuel and rights only – not sure.

Lap 130 -- GREEN FLAG: Kenny Wallace brings the field to the green.1. Kenny Wallace2. Jeff Gordon3. Ryan Newman4. Denny Hamlin5. Jimmie Johnson

Lap 130 – Newman reaches 2nd behind Jordon

Lap 131 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Jimmie Johnson drifts up and pushes Ricky Rudd into the wall. Kyle Busch and Joe Nemechek slam the inside wall hard. Jeff Burton and Martin Truex Jr. also caught up in the crash.


Jimmie Johnson does pit with a tire rub.

VERY impressed with Newman today. He has chose the wrong people to run with a couple times today sending him back a little, but overall he is running VERY WELL and clean. Can he get Gordon? We shall see. Can even even finish up front? We shall see. I think he has a car to win with. A great top 5 or 10 finish would really help get Newmans MOJO back in the positive.

Lap 135 – Still Under yellow cars start pitting. Some elect to stay out. Newman comes in for a splash of fuel with a lot of other drivers. Back out 4th. NOT BAD.

Lap 137 -- GREEN FLAG: Elliott Sadler brings the field to the green.1. Elliott Sadler 2. David Ragan 3. Jamie McMurray 4. Ryan Newman 5. Denny Hamlin

Lap 138 - Newman trying to get around Ragan for the lead, drops back to 7th

Lap 139 – Newman bouncing around position wise like crazy. Currently back to 4th . Newman running on bottom now, not in the middle where he has been most of the day.

Lap 142 – Newman shuffled all the back to 23rt

Lap 145 – NEWMAN HAS A GOOD CAR. He is now back up 12th . Big front group so positions are up and down a lot

Lap 146 – top 4 in field each hold different manufacturer. Newman in 10th. Teammate Kurt Busch right behind him in 11th. Kurt has also had a very strong car today usually running ahaed of Newman.

Lap 153 – Cars have been running single file for a while now with Denny Hamlin leading. This is good for fuel milage – a lot of teams are a little short – bad for getting position. Pit road saying as an average 2 – 5 laps short on fuel.

Lap 158 – Newmans crew informs him that based on todays fuel mileage, they have enough to JUST barely make it. EXCEPT if they go GREEN WHITE CHECKERED!!!!

LAP 160 – Newman and Montoya bumping, Nemwan in the back of Montoya – Montoya in wall - Newman coming in for green flag stop – right side down. Fender damage. Down to 30th.

Newman reporting debris all over track.

Lap 162 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Debris in Turn 2. The debris came from Juan Montoya who hit the wall. Montoya and Ryan Newman both on pit road repairing damage. Newman makes several short pit stops for repairs. Short pits in order to stay on lead lap.

Lap 166 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin brings the field to the green.1. Denny Hamlin2. Jamie McMurray3. David Reutimann4. Greg Biffle5. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 169 – Neman and the group he is in are closing the time between them and the leader. CAN LEADERS make it on fuel? Top 10 did not pit last caution. Newman up to 28th

Lap 170 – Newman lead rear pack and now is on tail of lead pack – In 27th

Lap 172 – Pit crew informs Newman to be careful pushing anyone. Left bar is damages/broke. Right is fine.

Lap 175 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: Debris on the track. Part of Ryan Newman's car is on the track. Bobby Labonte gets the free pass and is back on the lead lap.

Lap 179 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin brings the field to green with 10 laps to go.1. Denny Hamlin2. Jamie McMurray3. David Reutimann4. Greg Biffle5. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 181 – Newman up to 21, 19, 16, 12th!!!!!!!!

Lap 182 – JR in 2nd Newman in 11th

Lap 184 – Newman up to 10th

Lap 185 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 7: David Reutimann blows his engine and brings out the caution. Newman in 10th

We will be going to GREEN WHITE CHECKERED. Newman has plenty of fuel from pit stops after accident. Unbelievable that Newman has made his way all the way back up to 10th. I knew he had a good car.
Newman tells spotter he can’t do much so spotter needs to tell him of any runs coming up behind him. Newman tells his spotter that if a run is coming….his “rear bumber is blocking!”
Newman asks for fuel stats on other cars. Crew reports back that others did NOT get gas.
Cars are still going round and round using gas as the track gets cleaned up. This could be good news for Newman.
Before restart – some leaders HAVE TO come in for fuel. This puts Newman in 9th.
Newman states that he CAN NOT get his nose into clean air.

GREEN WHITE CHECKED Drops – Newman in 9th

Lap 188 -- Denny Hamlin and Tony Raines hit pit road as they were going to run out of fuel.

Lap 191 -- GREEN FLAG: Jeff Gordon gets the final two laps under way.1. Jeff Gordon2. Jamie McMurray3. Jimmie Johnson4. Kurt Busch5. David Gilliland

Newman 9th

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