Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ryan Newman Finshes 9th at Talladega

For starters, from what I was watching on TV and on TRACKPASS, I saw Newman finish 9th, Unofficial results have him in 6th. I am writing about him in 9th!

It may be 10th or it may be 8th. But I think it is 9th. It will all depend on where NASCAR says the yellow flag came out.

I will be updating my stats table later tonight to reflect the UNOFFICIAL results. If those results change,so will my table. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS.

Ryan Newman had an awesome run at Talladega for the Aaron's 499. Newman and his Penske Racings #12 Kodak Dodge Cup team started 28th and in no time were up to 15th(ish). Newman ran strong and clean all day. He was even in 2nd at one poin. Late in the race Newman bumped into the back of Montoya and put him in the wall. Newman ended up taking his fender of in the process. This dropped Newman back to 30th and under caution he had to make several pit stops to gt it fixed. He made several small ones so that he could stay on the lead lap.

It just showed how good of a car Newman had today when he wrecks, goes back to 30th, has no fender end comes all the way back up with 20 or so laps to go and gets a 9th place finish. Kudo's to Newman and his team.

Right before the Green/white/checkered, Newman came on the radio and told his spotter to look for runs behind him coming up. If there was a run coming up, he said that his rear bumper was going to start blocking.

Newman and his team were very impressive today. Newman needed this good finish. Maybe it will reverse his MOJO. Hopefully this will turn around his season.

UNOFFICIALLY Newman finished 9th, bumping him up to 22 in the points (according to his unofficial 6th place finish). This also puts him -666 points in the standings.

(since that is a negative 666, would that be positive - 2 negatives equal a positive.)

Mike Pratt

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