Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ryan Newman Stats Table Updated AFTER Aaron's 499

I have updated my Ryan Newman Stats. This is after the Aaron's 499. As I stated in my previous post, NASCAR unofficially had Newman listed 6th and I thought this was wrong, I thought he was 9th. I was right, I don't get to say that very ofter, but at least for now I am right. NASCAR has changed it and it now UNOFFICIALLY lists Newman in 9th. If this changes I will of course redo the table again!

Just a short review of the table. This was the 9th and Newman started 28th and finished 9th. This pushed Newman up 2 points position to 24th but he did drop about -50 farther from the leader. He did get 33 points closer to 12th position being only -161 away now.

Today's finish gives Newman his 2nd top ten of the season with no wins and no top 5's. His average start dropped less than 1 point to 20.89 and his average finish went up almost 2 points to 18.9. His average running position improved by almost 1 position to 19.9.

And finally it is always good when your percentage of completed laps goes up. It did not go up much, but it did go up. 3 extra laps tacked on had to of helped a little!!

I hope Ryan Newman and his Penske Racing #12 Alltel Dodge NASCAR Nextel Cup Team keep up the good work. They had a great day today!!

Mike Pratt

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