Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How I became a Ryan Newman # 12 Alltel Dodge Fan

After completing 8 years in the military, I decided to get out. My first job was in the communications field which led me to be hired by CenturyTel (on the wireless side). Two weeks after starting it was announced that Alltel was buying CenturyTel out.
When the deal was sealed in AUG 2004 (I think it was) I noticed that Alltel sponsored a NASCAR car along with a lot of other events / sports / teams. So during the NFL season while I was watching football I started flipping over to NASCAR during the commercials to check on the #12 Alltel Dodge and Ryan Newman.
Before long I was sitting on the NASCAR channel longer than just the commercials breaks for the NFL. I was getting sucked into all the strategies and pitting options. A half pound of air pressure--are you kidding me? I bet my vehicle outside right now is at least 3 or 4 pounds low. But half of a pound can make all the difference for those guys.
By the end of the NASCAR season I was really getting into it. I was watching probably 50/50 NASCAR and NFL. By the time FEB 2005 rolled around......I was ready for the DAYTONA 500! With football not starting until August, the NFL never had a chance. By August 2005 I was completely into NASCAR and a huge Ryan Newman fan.....hook, line and sinker.
Now if my Pittsburgh Steelers happen to be aired in my area, I will split up my time 70% NASCAR 30% STEELERS. Other than that, the NFL is lucky to get me at all during a NASCR race. I mean even during commercials they could cut back at anytime if something happens. I can't risk being over on the NFL if that happens. There is usually enough time to run to the restroom, grab a snack and get back to the couch. Plus I love NASCAR commercials.
I am also very lucky because my girlfriend is a big NASCAR fan! So there are NO arguments about watching it. Even her son, who turns 1 this weekend, is a fan. I know hard to believe, but if the cars go off the TV (a commercial) he sits there "jibber jabbering" and yelling until they return.
Now, I hope Ryan and his team are able to get it together before we get to far into this season.
GOOD LUCK to Ryan Newman and the #12 Alltel Dodge Team

Mike Pratt

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