Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ryan Newman and Juan Montoya


I do not see the big deal over Montoya and Newman. Yes he and Ryan Newman traded some paint and yes Montoya hit the Alltel Dodge team member and front-tire carrier Scott Reineger on lap 41 when he pitted. But both of these were accidental and don't even deserve any coverage. But put them together and there must be a story. Hopefully they are (or more importantly everyone else is) pass this. Below are some stories about this.

-Mike Pratt

SI.com - Juan Pablo Montoya looked right at home at short track racing, trading paint with Ryan Newman and hitting Tony Raines' No. 96 Chevrolet from behind and sending him into the wall. After the race, Newman went in search of Montoya, found him at his team hauler and asked him over to his car, where the two were engaged in a brief animated discussion. - Full Story


SI.com - - Lewis Frank Inside NASCAR - Ryan Newman was a bitr more charitable, but no less irriatetd after he and Montoya jostled for position during the race, prompting Newman to seek out Montoya after the race to ask him if he had turned down on Newman on a straightaway, a charge Montoya denied. Montoya didn't help his case with Newman by hitting Newman's front tire carrier during the first set of pit stops.

"We got three wide on the back straightaway on that last restart, and he (Montoya) overdrove Turn 1," said Newman. "I thought he turned left. He said 'I just ran him out of room.' He was up against the wall. It was just racin'.'" Full Story

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