Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Recap of Ryan Newman's 2007 Season

BEHIND – 323
BEHIND 12TH – 107

BRISTOL, TN – Started 22nd - Finished 39th POINTS – 18th to 23rd
Not a good day for Ryan Newman and the Alltel Dodge Team. This race featured the COT and on lap 96 Newman got a flat and had to pit forcing him 2 laps down. Newman did a great job trying to rebound and it looked as if he was going to rebound as he worked his way towards at least a top 20 finish. Midway through the race Newman had worked his way up to 24th but still one lap down. By lap 307 Newman was in the 17th position and one position away from receiving the "Lucky Dog". But, when Martin Truex Jr's car slammed into the wall on lap 310, Newman could not avoid him. He ended up putting a hole in the radiator (again?) and went 45 laps down and finished 39th.

HAMPTON, GA – Started 1st (43rd) - Finished 8th POINTS – 15th to 18th
Ryan Newman earned is 7th Bid Pole qualifying for the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, his first since July 2006. But during his second qualifying lap Newman began to notice problems with the engine (and had the fastest qualifying). During lap 9 of practice on Saturday the engine blew forcing the Alltel Dodge team to change the engine and start in the rear of the field. Newman worked his way up to 25th by lap 139 and that is where he stayed until finishing 23rd. Again helping Newman was his pit crew. At lest 5 of Newmans pits were less than 14 second including on under 13 seconds involving 4 tires, fuel and wedge adjustments in both the left and right rear

Las Vegas, NV - Started 39th - Finished 8th POINTS – 22nd to 15th
Just 3 races into the season Ryan Newman scored his first top 10 of the 2007 season. After starting as the lowest qualifying Dodge, Newman finished in 8th. Beginning on lap Newman was able to hold his Alltel Dodge around the 15th position for the entire race. Newman even led lap 81 to earn him 5 bonus points. Newman managed to gain track position on every stop except for one when he took 4 tires and others only took 2.

Fontana, CA – Started 19th - Finished 12th POINTS – 35th to 22nd
Ryan Newman and the Alltel Dodge had a lot better week at the Auto Club 500 placing 12th. It was Ryan's first top 15 at an intermediate track since June 2006. Out of 9 pit stops only 2 pit stops were over 14 seconds. Newman's biggest problem was on restarts. His Dodge would loose a little on the restarts but would quickly come back to him.

Dayton Beach, FL – Started 16th - Finished 38th Points - 35th
Ryan Newman started the Daytona 500 in the 16th postion. He managed to quickly get the ALLTEL Dodge into the top 10. By lap 20 Newman was in the top 5. Newman stayed in the top 5 until he had engine trouble with 26 laps to go and he headed for the garage. What was thought to be engine trouble was actually a leak in the radiator the eventually led to the engine being fried. All pit stops were completed in under 14 seconds with one pit stop being under 13 seconds.

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