Saturday, April 14, 2007


When people say the television ratings are down, or there are empty seats at the track. Or people are losing interest and finding other things to do. Well, if ratings and attendance are down, why does NASCAR want to build more tracks? Or why would ESPN, TNT and FOX want to spend the money they spend to cover our sport.

Why would Toyota take on the challenge of being in NASCAR? Why would the other car manufacturers — that maybe aren't making a lot of money — want to continue to be in NASCAR and display their products? Why do sponsors continue to heavily invest in our sport? Why would a major tire company want to build tires for our cars and take heat every week for what happens? Why do XM and Sirius Satellite Radio want a piece of NASCAR? Why do drivers in other series want to be in NASCAR?

Here's a good one. Why do tracks and sponsors sue NASCAR? And why are there dozens of TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines, all covering our sport every day of the week? If our sport is losing fans and the ratings are down, then why do all of these people invest and want to be a part of NASCAR? Because of the success of NASCAR. It's not because of the things they're doing wrong, but because of the things they're doing right. And they're doing a lot of things right so these companies and individuals want to be part of it.


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