Sunday, August 5, 2007

Newman, Biffle watching dogfighting case against Vick with interest

LONG POND, Pa. - Ryan Newman and Greg Biffle have a keen interest in the federal case against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Mike Vick. Both are heavily involved in animal rescue operations, and they said dog-fighting charges against Vick will bring much-needed attention to their cause.

Newman, along with his wife Krissie, had t-shirts made this week that read: "7 to life" on the front and "Neuter Vick" on the back. Krissie Newman said he will wear the t-shirt throughout his trial.

"Everybody is innocent until proven guilty," Ryan Newman said. "But his little group has made it clear they fight dogs. People who defend that are slugs. This separates the smart people from the dumb."

Krissie Newman joined other wives of Dodge drivers Saturday working at local restaurant. Their salaries and tips were donated to local Humane Society.

"If nothing else, everyone knows about dog fighting now," Krissie Newman said. "It has a face, and it's Michael Vick."

Biffle said he's troubled by people who compare dog fighting to ultimate fighting, or people who believe it's not a problem.

"I have read the indictment," Biffle said. "I got so mad when I read it. This will be a high-profile case. If it was anyone else, it wouldn't be a national story. If it's true, it's galling. If it's true, he's great athlete who made some very poor decisions. If he did it, he has to pay for it."

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