Sunday, August 19, 2007

Michigan - Rained Out??

It looks like the 3M Performace 400 at Michigan International Speedway will be rained out. Of course this is not set in stone yet, but it is certainly looking that way.

The local weather people here in Michigan are saying that there may be a few breaks in the skys later today, but those breaks are going to be short and there will only be a few of them.

The weather for the rest of the week does not lookthat great either. Besides today, Mon - Fri have rain predicted at some percentage or another with Monday have the biggest chance.

ESPN had there meteoroligist on he said not to be suprised if they can not race until Tues.

If you do not live in Michigan, you might not fully understand because like want to see a race today running speeds of over 200 MPH. BUT we need the rain really bad here in Michigan. Farmers crops are hurting really bad. I assume it is related, but there was a news story the other day about he water table level in Michigan dropping. People are having there wells drilled deeper, or the pumps lowered farther. WE NEED RAIN. So, BAD for NASCAR, GOOD for Michigan, it's farmers and it's residents.

The more this race is delayed, the harder it is going to be for teams to get to Bristol and get ready for a Saturday night race next weekend.

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