Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Winners Of My KODAK Ticket Give Away

I had a lot of fun giving away tickets for Kodak on this blog. Got some very interesting responses and my fiance had some good laughs.

Here is the link to my label NASCAR TICKET GIVE AWAY. It will show any posts about the contest.

The winners have been chosen!!

I asked the winners if I could post there names and locations along with any blog or website that they might be associated with. The info below is what they asked me to post.

They are -

Brandon Walker
Spokane, WA

Thomas Mueller

Sal Sigala Jr.
La Puente, CA

Cleone Skaug(her brother Todd entered contest for her as a suprise!)


Seeing as the race is in California, I was not suprised at the amount of entries from California. Alot of people are probably in the same boat as me....there was no way they could make it to California Speedway for the race...even with free tickets.

Anyway, thanks again to Kodak for the opportunity. I will be here if they want to do something again.!!!!


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