Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Ryan Newman and Team Won't Make The Chase

I am a huge #12 Ryan Newman Fan, but.....

Will he make the chase?, he will not. I really hate saying that but Ryan Newman and his #12 Penske Dodge Team just don't seem to have it this year. While teammate Kurt Busch and his team have really been stepping up their game, Newman and team just haven't seemed to. Newman is doing about as good as he has all year, and no better.

I don't think this year has been Newman's fault or his teams for that matter. Newman has been very discouraged at many races this year with his pit crew. He is working with a new crew chief, Mike Nelson. No offense to Mike Nelson, but they should have kept Matt Borland around. I read a posting from someone that was supposedly at Watkins Glen and listening to Newman on the scanner. He stated that Newman was very frustrated with his spotters. They were not giving him information quick enough about what was going on. Not to mention that he was never happy with his car.

There have been mistakes on pit row along with some slow pit times. And for the first time, Nemwan is mentioning things like this. Not really like him. I think it shows his frustration.

As a team, they have not cracked the top 12 all year. They have been 13th in points after 7 races this year. 14th in points after 4 races this year and 15th after 3 races. Each time (expect once) that they hit the 13th points position, they dropped back off one or two positions. Never cracking the top 12.

The first 9 races of the year their highest points postion was 15th, breifly. They were mostly in the 20's in points. Race #10 at got the #12 team into 19th position. After that, except for once, they have been between 15th and 13th.

I believe that this is where Newman will finish the year. Some where between 13th and 15th. In fact I believe he will be 13th, first of the non chase contenders.

I hate saying all this, I really hope Ryan Newman and his team make it into the chase

Bristol will really determine if Newman and team can get those rockets fired up or not.

Bristol will probably make or break the team. If they do really well at Bristol and Kurt Busch along with Martin Truex JR don't do so hot, then Newman will have a chance. Then of course there is Dale Earnhardt JR. I would also like to see him make it. But if it comes down to it......GO NEWMAN!!

If Newman does poorly at Bristol, then it is over. Heck, if they just do "OK" then it is probably over. They need something great.

Once again, I hope Newman and #12 Penske Dodge make it in. I think they are just having some growing pains this year and I expect a lot better results out of that team next year.

At least in my eyes, Newman has proven that he can drive a car and drive it well. He just needs to find the "total package".

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Racefan57 said...

So close!!! I read a recent article where he walked into an Alltel store and gave an unspecting customer free tickets to a race. He's awesome.