Monday, August 20, 2007

Well, What Logo will Jeff Burton and RCR have on the #31 car

I have not heard anything about this.  And I am kind of suprised about it.
On Monday the Judge said that they had 5 days to reply.  AT&T did ask the court to reconsider on Friday and determned that they would be racing with theAT&T logo in SUNDAY's race.  But here it is Monday and I think the 5 days is up.  And if it is postponed even farther to Tues, then definetly the 5 days is up.
And more importantly, what are they going to do after that.  Is AT&T just going to use the Cingular brand name on the car.  That doesn't make alot of sense because there isn't a Cingular anymore.  Will AT&T be allowed to just pull out.  Where will that leave Jeff Burton and RCR.
I think the Judge should at least let AT&T finish out the year.
BUT - Ultimetly AT&T , RCR and Jeff Burton are completly right in this situation.  AT&T should be able to have that logo on their car.

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